Marco P.

Operational Compliance & Risk Manager / CBRE GlobaL investors

A real recommendation. Train yourself in letting go of your thoughts. My result was that there is space that leads to new insights. And yes, you have to be open to it, but the trainers will help you.


Designer / CBRE

Thanks to the lessons I became aware of my own thoughts and I could view them without judgment. This way of looking at yourself has helped me to handle situations better.

Monique S.

Assistant Office Manager / CBRE

Mindfulness has ensured that I react less quickly and act on autopilot. Because of this I can often make better choices for myself, both at work and in private life.

Mindful Business Training; Mindfulness in de zakelijke context

Focus, Aandacht & Emotionale Intelligentie

The bar is high among many organizations: performing at a high level, tight deadlines, dynamic work on complex issues, increasing uncertainty, changing teams. That gives pressure. And when the pressure increases, setting priorities becomes more difficult, decisions become less clear and the response to each other becomes more impulsive. This can work successfully (together) and determine the course in the way.

Mindfulness as a basis;

Mindfulness, focusing your attention in the present moment without having to judge, is best known for its stress-regulating effect, but it has much more impact. By training attention, a stable and clear attention capacity arises.With the Mindfulness Business Training, train yourself to consciously perceive your surroundings and develop response flexibility. You learn to remain centered in complex and dynamic situations and to see clearly which factual and human factors play. On this basis you can react consciously and determine (together) course.

Mindful Business Training

Our Mindful Business training is tailored to the business context. In 8 weekly 1.5 hours of lessons work is being done on improving stress regulation, improving cognitive skills and increasing emotional intelligence. In addition to the 8 meetings, daily practice is central to achieve the proven effects of Mindfulness training. We offer this process in-company in groups of 6-10 participants. Participation only after personal intake. Price € 4950, –

Steady grounds for Mindfulness in the organization

The Mindful Business Training is a training of your brain. Mindfulness – the training of attention – is for the mind, the mental capacities, what sports and exercise does for the body. Without maintenance, the muscles relax, without maintenance the attention goes down! Experience teaches us that locking on the shop floor is an important part in the sustainable integration of mindfulness within an organization. Since 2018 we offer a thorough and inspiring mindfulness base ‘maintenance’ program starting from 250 euro per employee per year. We also work with mindful ambassadors, enthusiastic employees who help realize the integration of mindfulness in the organization.




In the industrial age, scientists pointed out the importance of sport that reacted with disbelief! Now in the information and digitization era, scientists point to the importance of attention training and emotional intelligence to stay healthy, successful and happy!

Try now: One Moment Meditation


Mindfulness training is based on research into emotional intelligence and neuropsychology. This shows, among other things, that new neural networks in the brain develop Mindfulness after 8 weeks training.

Experiential learning

Mindfulness is about experiential learning. Daily 10-30 minutes practice (meditation) is required for results. After training, regular exercise will be required as maintenance and deepening. Meditation is the for the mind what sport is for the body.