• Olga van de Velde

    Olga van de Velde has been working as a trainer / coach in the field of personal development, team and leadership development for almost 20 years. She worked for Nationale Nederlanden, Deloitte, ING, ICS, Cap Gemini, Dactylo, Creijff's and Tempo Team, Rusell Reynolds, among others.

    Through mindfulness she keeps in touch with herself and guides others in (re) finding herself and making authentic choices. Olga is convinced that you can mean more for your environment if you live from who you are at the bottom.  

    Olga was originally trained as a psychomotor therapist at the VU. Since 2010 she is Mindfulness trainer. She followed her education in Thailand, India and the Netherlands (ITIP, RINO, See True, PresentMind & Lentis).

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  • Meike van Tilburg

    Meike van Tilburg Works after the UvA and Nyenrode Business University as a business and recruitment consultant in the Netherlands and abroad (including Getronics, IMPAC, Smallsteps and Robert Walters).
    Motherhood proved to be difficult to combine with work at the ZuidAs. Bringing her son to the nursery brought the question; 'Where have I gone and is it worth it?'. Getting to know Buddhism was the turning point.

    She has been working as a trainer for the national organization See True Mindfulness for more than 4 years in Amsterdam, Alkmaar and Almere and she gives workshops on Mindfulness at KLM, Bytes, MCA, Accenture, Turien & Co, AES.

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  • Sabine van der Post

    It was her stratec job as Wholesale Manager Women and MT member at Esprit Europe BV, which Sabine has inspired to develop awareness training and products for thriving people in succes business.

    "Mindfulness gives me the space to create success in an authentic easy way. Everyday life, this moment, here and now, accept it exactly as it is. Discovering opportunities in the space that arises. Consciously acting from relaxation and enthusiasm. "

    Sabine has enjoyed the ALBA Post HBO Leadership & Coaching Academy and Mindfulness (MBSR & MBCT & MBCL) and Vipassana Courses in the Netherlands, Thailand and Switzerland. Clients include: Effectory, Amsterdam Police, Darwin, CBRE.

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  • Leonie Stekelenburg

    Leonie Stekelenburg worked for 8 years in the fast-paced world of strategy consulting (Roland Berger) and marketing (Philips) after her Masters in Sustainable entrepreneurship / innovation.
    A sudden crisis in the private sphere evoked questions: "What is life about me, what is my Work, what do I want to look back on later?" The helm wanted to. In Mindfulness practice Is.M the 3-year ITIP course found a path to inner (and outer) leadership: open mind and open will to navigate.
    Since 2008 they have formed various facilitation forms for veranda projects in sustainability (including Uprocess, Meshworking, Deep Democracy). Trained at the Oasis institute of Umass Med she also works as a Mindfulness-based trainer with clients such as: Philips, Akzo Nobel, Rabobank, Achmea, NN, Russel Reynolds, Deloitte, Roland Berger, CBRE, AES.

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Vision & Mission

We see that Mindfulness Based Learning & Development (MBLD) is the fundamental basis for substantial change and innovation. It is our mission to introduce organizations to the added value of Mindfulness Based Learning & Development.

Even though the effects of MBLD have now been scientifically proven, it is often not the first thing people think about in response to questions such as:

How do I build a flexible organization that can adapt in a rapidly changing environment?
How can I bring out the best in my people in a context with increasing uncertainty?
Which investment in my people translates into an actual distinctive capacity in the long term?
Often these questions are referred back to old success formulas: habitual behavior. Mindfulness Based learning is needed for essential change: responding consciously in the moment, an open attitude, willingness to experiment, the courage to fail and being vulnerable.

A challenge. Which we enter into together with organizations.

We see Mindfulness not as a one-off intervention, but as a basic building block for a healthy organization and a good employer: the way from stress-related complaints, absenteeism and burn-out prevention to mental clarity, focus and development of the full potential. We have developed a clearly substantiated Financial Strategic Mindful Business Model to create support for mindfulness as the silent building block of your organization.

How we act and are
Mindfulbizz supports HR and Management in bringing Mindfulness into the workplace in a scientific, pragmatic, sustainable and inspiring playful way. We train employees and employers to focus attention: to make conscious choices not only for the benefit of personal well-being or business success, but also for the well-being of society and the earth.
All partners of Mindfulbizz are certified trainers through the professional association VMBN have extensive experience in the business world. We know what is going on in organizations and are able to connect to tailor-made solutions for your problem.

The 4 founders of Mindfulbizz are women. In the business world sometimes seen as less fitting to a performance culture where the managers are expected to steer the organization strongly towards greater profitability. However, research has shown that in a changing complex environment in which 'agile' work becomes the norm, 'soft' skills and emotional intelligence are of crucial importance. Our national network consists of certified Mindfulness Trainers with experience in the business world.

We see People, man or woman; train skills for attention: focus; self-reflection; emotional regulation and being connected to oneself, others and society, we see these are indispensable factors for business development & growth and beneficial to our society as a whole.