Executive Search and Assessment Professional / Russell Reynolds

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to get more out of themselves and learn to look at situations without judgment. Because there is room for new insights, we as a team have been able to give more depth to projects and learned how to work together more effectively.


Working under pressure in ever-changing circumstances and responding to the future market in common, is demanding for most teams. A few days away from the hectic, helps to set a new course.

Mindful Teamwork; the journey

In 2 days we facilitate teams to reflect and (re) connect at individual and at team level. On the one hand to get to know each other on a deeper level and to collaborate more effectively, on the other hand to create room for creativity so that current issues / dilemmas can be approached in a different way.

We respond to the topicality of the team and use visualisations, meditation, reflection and experiential working methods, such as mindful meetings, to address all levels of intelligence, so that the full potential of the team is utilized.


Example Program

Work on 4 building blocks in 4 half-days:
1) Stress awareness and (self) management
2) Mindful communication
3) Personal leadership and Presence
4) Mindfulness based group effectiveness and Vision / mission formation


* Individual preparation assignment
* 2 Days and 1 night stay
* 2 Process supervisors
* 1 Follow-up day

Training costs € 9950, - (excluding VAT, travel and accommodation costs.)

For which teams

For teams:
- who are under pressure,
- which have changed composition;
- who stand for a change;
- from whom a new course is requested.